Support the education of a poor child

Your support will go a long way in educating a child and ensuring that she/he has opportunities that her parents never had. We will pay her/him fees and provide her/him with a school uniform, school bag, winter clothes, books and other educational material.Sponsership is all about transformation,your sponsorship will send a child to school and provide him/her with school bag,2-sets school dress,1-set winter dress & notebooks

Cost Per Unit-Rs.2900

Gift Notebooks

Gift children the right notes for success.Many children in rural areas & slum areas lack the most basic of school supplies-notebooks.Your gift of notebooks  can help children write down what they learn in school and revise it better.This will help children study better and introduce them to better writing

Cost – Rs.850 for 2-children


Help a child cut down on the long miles to school.Children living in rural areas have to travel long distances to reach the nearby school.This causes many children,especially girl,to drop out of school.Your gift of a bicycle will help a child go to school safely and save time and energy

Cost – Rs.4100 for 1 bicycle

Child Basket ( A Hamper of joy )

Wanna  make a child glow with delight ? Gift a child a bagful of school goodies.These gifts will in fact make school-going a joyful experience.Without doubt,this trendy gift hamper will catch a child’s fancy.Loaded with essential school supplies for a better day in school,this gift will surely make children scale great heights.

Your Child Basket will contain :

A smart new school bag
A pencil box complete with pencils,ruler and eraser
Crayons to spark off creativity
A tiffin carrier for food
ORS mix to tide over common childhood diseases and to provide as a nutritional supplement
Cost per Unit – Rs.850 for one child

Computer Education

Gift children the technological advantage.A computer education to needy children in slum areas and rural areas will equip them with a skill for the future.It will also bring information within their reach and open new doors for a better future.Your gift can help children dream big and work towards it.

Cost – Rs.6100 for one child

Sports Material

Sports material can delight children’s hearts a make childhood a joyful experience.Footballs ,tennikoits and volleyballs can spark off a child’s interest and foster in them the spirit of sharing and goodwill.Gift sports material and bring giggles of joy.

Gift sports material and kick off a sporty childhood

Cost – Rs.2700 for one child

Milch Animals

Gift a family a bovine investment! The gift of a cow will truly be a godsend for  a needy family . With a good supply of milk everyday , there will be enough for the entire family and extra to sell at the market.Milk is loaded with essential nutrients and is a great source of nutrition for growing children . Cow manure can also help fertilize the soil and can be dried and used as bio-gas for cooking and light.Best of all, a healthy cow can breed many calves in  alifetime.

Cost- Rs.20000 for one cow

A Pair of Goats

Gift of Goats is indeed ideal for income and nutrition.Goats survives the harshest of climates with minimal care.It’s a wholesome gift for the entire family,giving nutritious milk for growing children nad manure for increasing the family income.Goats breed easily,eventually multiplying into a herd.

Cost – Rs.9000 for a pair of goats

Development of 2-cum cow dung based Deenbandhu Model Bio-Gas Plant

The activity in hand aims at ameliorating the living environment of rural women belongs to socially and economically weaker directly and at the same time improve the environment condition of  village in general.

It has a bias for women related facilitation which would help in consequent change in living environment of individual homes and help in personality development of the children in particular

Unit Cost- Rs.9500

Breakup of Cost :[Construction Cost   – Rs.8600 + Bio-Gas Chulha & Lamp – Rs.900]

Install 1-Handpump for 1-rural family of unprivileged section

The main task of proposed project is to install Simple handpump among the rural family belongs to unprivileged sectionfacing great difficulty in getting supply of safe drinking water  to change the life styles of the people in terms of maintaining health,hygiene & sanitary conditions all around the habitat

The project aims to address deteriorating health,hygiene,sanitation and drinking water leads to sickness and diseases of the bread earning people and especially on account of expenses liable to be met for treating them medically.

Unit Cost – Rs.7000

Breakup of Cost : [Drilling of steel / pvc pipe – Rs.6100 + Handpump overhead – Rs.900]

Water Tanks

Gift a Water Tank and work a miracle in the lives of communities in arid areas

Gift a Water Tank and quench the thirst of an entire community.Water is a rare and precious commodity. A Water Tank will provide people with clean drinking water and protect children from water borne diseases.This will provide easy access to water.Children don’t have to trudge long miles to fetch water , thereby saving time for studies.

Cost – Rs.29000 per unit