Nurturing the deprived & destitute rural children

The Ganga Shikshan Bal Gruha or Child Care Home program secures the basic rights of the deprived & destitute rural child through guaranteed education, nutrition, clothing, health care, recreation, love and support to ensure their reintegration into mainstream Indian society. The boys are enrolled in regular school programs and age appropriate classes, usually after a short period of remedial teaching as well as by a wide volunteer base  programs with children/students in government schools.

The Ganga Shikshan Bal Gruha or Child Care Home Program also acts as a catalyst in the community, encouraging other school drop-outs and poor children from nearby basties and shanties to attend school without fear of stigma and reproachment.

Strengths, Vision & Mission


  • Advocacy to influence the Government policies for emphasis on greater Government accountability
  • Managing on quality and low costs
  • Transparent reporting systems
  • Professional financial audits
  • Adherence on measurable results
  • A Manager is appointed in Home, who is the first contact point &manages the operations of all the Homes runned by Ganga Shikshan Prasarak Mandal..


For every rural child to grow up in a secure and joyful environment where they can fully develop their talents in order to lead an independent life with dignity.


To ensure a safe and happy childhood of deprived,destitute & vulnerable rural children  to help them access protection,nutrition,health care & proper education.

The Problem & Our Approach

  • Approximately 137.4 million children living across India without adequate assistance or supervision by adults and without any protection.
  • These children have little or no access to basic needs such as food, a home, clothing, medical care and education.
  • They lack the opportunities and support necessary for successful reintegration into mainstream society.
  • There is general desensitization to the problem due to over exposure to poverty and multiple social ills prevalent in India
  • Lack of continued and stable financial support for the long term, which is required to help train the wards to help them secure proper child care homes..


Care Standard Manuals

Share the non-custodial and comprehensive care approach


Provide shelters in building nearby functional government  school buildings

Grass Root level Community based organizations

Gram panchayat,youth clubs etc. as long term goal