VERTICALS (Proposed)

Under  our  new  business   strategic plan  we’ll  primaraily  emphasis on all gamuts of integrated educational initiatives as well as livelihood enhancement & promotion  for  poor  &  low  income families residing in rural areas ,urban areas as well as  youths ,students of all segments by creating Awareness and Linkage to existing formal financial  institutions  like – banks ,  insurers  , mutual funds   ,  government schemes, mobile money, etc to achieve end-goal of financial security for them.

GSPM’s primary interventions will fall in the literacy & education space coupled with an emphasis on financial literacy and a stress on financial inclusion.

To achieve the above stated goal we’ll build 3 verticals form our core area of work:

Urban Poor Communities 

In the cities, our focus is on working with the different communities in Parbhani and Nanded, and other resettlement colonies, slums and unauthorized   zones    where   the   majority  of  the urban poor live. GSPM’s work in this areas  for the need to:

-Create Awareness about various financial products, services and systems like savings,bankings,lending and other cheaper and safer ways of undertaking financial transactions.

-Emphasis on risks associated with different financial schemes like informal remittance practices,matkas, chit funds, loan sahukar and mahajans, etc which lead to loss of hard-earned savings for the urban poor.

-Bringing the marginalized and the excluded into the fold of the mainstream financial services and banking sector.

-Indirectly Influencing the use of remittances back home,  towards education for the children and other productive purposes

-Financial Planning for the urban poor so that they can plan for emergencies and become financially secure in the long run.

Schools & Colleges

Ganga Shikshan will imparts literacy to teenagers & youth associated with government  as  well  as  private  &  public schools,non-formal schools, colleges and educational institutes or partner ngos. The need for financial education for this segment arises due to various reasons:

-Increased resources with the privileged section of the children and youth leading to irresponsible handling of money.

-Children are losing the culture of savings and are inculcating wasteful consumption habits.

-Need for financial education for the underprivileged so that they can plan for financial security and an independent financial future.

Rural Communities with an emphasis on Livelihoods

Even basic awareness campaign related to financial inclusion & literacy, which is presently not happening, can help achieve a lot in the rural areas.

Government of India, RBI’s, Banks’ and Financial Institutions’ focus is only on ‘Financial Inclusion’ without first providing adequate ‘Financial Literacy’ to the rural populations who are presently outside of the boundary of present formal financial system. Whereas GSPM’s focus will be on making the poor-citizen financially literate so that he/she can make independent & informed financial decisions and

individually undertake the process of becoming included in the formal financial system, thus leading tofinancial inclusion, thereby achieving the objectives of the Indian Government, Regulators and Financial Institutions. Ganga Shikshan seeks to empower the rural masses to be self-reliant and to plan for a financially secure future.

Expansion of Operation

Ganga Shikshan Prasarak Mandal plans to expand in Mumbai & Pune shortly & proposed to start its activities bit-by-bit in Latur,Aurangabad.


Ganga Shikshan plans to begin this project in a few low-income areas in Pune & Mumbai as Business Correspondant with the support of our Technology Partner.

Business Correspondant

The Business Correspondant Model is considered to have the potential in bringing millions of un-banked rural and urban poor into the banking net,enabling sustainable growth towards greater inclusion and stronger livelihoods.

Mutual Funds / Pension Funds

We have plans to begin Pensions and Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) of Mutual Fund house of repute very soon.The customers will be rural poor,migrant workers,hawkers and vendors,rag pickers,scrap collectors.We will target both those directly engaged in low-grade economic activities,and those who have a need to save,regardless of any direct income earning activity.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Initiating development Programmes related to Water,Sanitation & Hygiene in rural areas of Maharashtra,to ensure social and gender equity with regards to availability of safe drinking water,minimum basic toilet facilities to the often marginalized and other socially vulnerable groups(e.g. differently abled people,the elderly) especially in rural areas.

Knowledge Services (Strategy,Research and Content development)

Ganga Shikshan Prasarak Mandal will  undertake action-research for itself and for various partners in the following areas:

  • Participatory Education in Rural Areas
  • Rural Livelihood
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Financial Literacy
  • Social Security
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Remittances
  • Migration

Ganga Shikshan Prasarak Mandal will undertake strategy creation, content development and research work for select partners in the area of participatory education,financial literacy. This includes Action-research & Survey, Participatory Education & Financial literacy and services strategy, content development from ideation to implementation, product field testing, rural and urban awareness drives, customer feedback and mapping, impact measurement & evaluation, social performance management, client education & protection, Participatory Education & Financial Literacy policy advocacy .